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Summer Start-Up Challenge 2017


On the 20th-21st June the Enterprise Academy for Students at Leeds Beckett University launched its first Summer Start-Up Challenge. This 2 day event was attended by 18 students and recent graduates who wanted to start a business, become self-employed or work freelance.

The theme of the Challenge was 'less talk, more action' with the programme geared towards allowing attendees to assess their customers, test their assumptions and create a service or product this is market ready... in less than 48 hours.

Kirstie Frenneaux from the Enterprise Academy explained the thinking behind the new event "We often find that new start-ups take a long time to research their ideas and can get bogged down in the detail. The idea behind the Summer Start-Up Challenge is to encourage our delegates to be agile and give them space and time to shape their ideas quickly and get feedback from customer at an earlier stage".

Day 1 of the programme focused on refining the idea for a product or service by mapping it out on a Business Model Canvas, a simple business planning tool which allows delegates to plan their business on one sheet of paper. This was followed on day 2 by a focus on action planning and research with delegates leaving the training room to research their market, assess their competitors and seek real feedback from people on the street.

Denas Mockevicius, a student who is studying Computer Forensics and Security said, "Attending SSUC17 was a really amazing experience, it helped me to really think about my business idea and gave me the space and support to work out who my potential customers were and how I could reach them. It was fantastic to meet other students who were starting up and to bounce ideas off them".

Kee an eye out for next years event.......

Start Up Experience - Zainah Khan, Rachel Noble and Michelle Nyachuru
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